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How to make a paper flower

Paper flower pictorial  ⇒ Find out how to reuse fabric scraps

This is a  quick and easy project anyone can do it.
The flowers can be used to decorate your home,
a backdrop for photoshoots, functions and events.
This is a project you can enjoy with your kids.
Choose your favourite colours and make a splash.
MaterialsA4 cardstock in your colours of choicehot glue gunglue scissorsflower pattern template
Use this link to learn how to make your own templates.
Diy paper flower centrepiece

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5 Best Bag Making Pattern Designers | Online

Best Bag Making Pattern Designers Who is your favourite handbag pattern designer? There are numerous handbag pattern makers/designers out there to choose from, below I have compiled a list of the ones that I have used and consider to be the best out of the rest.⌣ They offer comprehensive instructions so that all skills level can follow and enhance their techniques while creating professional looking bags that can rival any mass-produced handbag available on the market. Enjoy! Emmaline bags Janelle Mckay is the designer and owner of Emmaline bags online and also a brick and mortar store located in Canada. This website offers a wide range of bag making resources such as PDF, paper patterns, hardware, notions, online classes, tutorials, bagmaking tips and tricks.

She also offers patterns from other pattern designers and is the designer of the popular NCW (necessary clutch wallet). This site is the true definition of one-stop-shop. There are several free pdf patterns available so make us…

10 Best Sewing Machines for Bag Making

Top 10 Sewing Machines for Bag MakingSign up below to subscribe! ↴

Choosing the right sewing machine for bag making is very important. You should consider what type of materials you intend to work with when making your decision.

Things to consider before purchasing a sewing machine for bag making.The best industrial sewing machines for bag making.
Example: Will you be making leather bags? 
If so you will need an industrial machine that is suitable for sewing leather. Whether it is a flatbed or
a cylindrical machine, the motor power and speed of the machine and if you will need a speed reducer.

Click Best scrap busting ideas.
Another thing to consider is the stitches, for bag making you will mostly be using the straight stitch and maybe the zigzag stitch to secure fraying edges. So don't get carried away with the number of stitches available unless decorative stitching is apart of your aesthetics.The size of the machine. Do you have enough space to accommodate a large sewing machine…

5 Amazing free sewing courses online for beginners

5 Free Sewing Courses Online for New Sewists
When I first started to make bags I would scour the internet searching for free bag making courses to join. Yes, there are tons of YouTube videos to choose from but I was looking for something a bit more professionally done if you will. That's when I discovered Craftsy which is now rebranded as Blueprint, Needless to say, I was in bag making heaven, there are two free bag making courses and lots of free patterns to try. Of course, not everything is free but this is an excellent learning resource for crafters.
Note: I am not an affiliate of bluprint and as such I will not be compensated in any way for this post. Below are the two bag making courses I started with.These two mini classes are instructed by Kristen Link of
1. Bag making basics - free class on how to make a reversible tote bag and a zipper pouch for beginners. This course is available on Bluprint. In this course, you learn how to add a lining to a bag and how to pos…

Bag Making Tips and Techniques for Beginners

Easy Bag Making Tips and Techniques 
As a beginner bag maker you will need all the tips and tricks of the game to get your bags looking like it came out of a store. Once equipped with this knowledge all you need to produce a quality bag is the right materials, tools and sewing equipment.
 Check out my three-part series on bag making below.
Basic bag making tools and equipment.Fabric, interfacing and patternsHardware and closures  Bag Bottom ShapesThe bottom of a bag is shaped according to its purpose. If you are making an evening bag you may not require a great deal of space, just enough for your essentials such as a phone, cash or makeup. So a square bottom might be more suitable. Square Boxed CornersDartsGussetsThree methods for boxing the corners of a bag. This video is by So sew easy.

Straps and HandlesStraps and handle can be made from different materials such as:
Fabric Webbing Wood Leather/Faux Leather

Types of handles

Top handles - Are usually seen on vintage style bags, the handles …

Get Started:From Zero To Bag Maker| Part Three

The fundamentals of bag making part three
This is the final instalment for this series for beginners at fabric bag construction. Today we will cover the various types of hardware and their purpose in bag making.
If you did not read the first two series you can find them here:

Tools and EquipmentFabrics, Interfacings and Patterns Please Subscribe
Hardware and ClosuresHardware Chain handles These are used mostly on clutch purses and other evening bags.

How to choose the perfect size for your strap handle.
This article by Karin Yuen gives you two methods on how to derive your strap length.
Basically, use a bag that you own and like how it fits a measure from the peak of the strap to the top of the body of the bag and use that measurement to make your strap. Follow the link for the full articles.

Snap/lobster hooks and sliders

Snap/lobster hooks are used to attach a shoulder or wrist strap to a bag. Sliders are necessary for the making of an adjustable shoulder strap. You may scroll down and watch th…
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